The National Action Committee is an Inter-Ministerial steering body charged with the overall coordination and management responsibility of the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. The core business of the NAC is to provide holistic, national WASH policy direction and guidance and to be a one-stop-entry into, and a monitoring, supervisory and resource mobilization hub for, the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Zimbabwe.

The International Decade for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation advocated for the formation of National Action Committees across countries. In Zimbabwe, the National Action Committee was formed in 1985 with a focus on Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation

NAC Membership

The main NAC is made up of Permanent Secretaries from sector Ministries chaired by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for water. The main NAC superintends over the three sub-sectors of Rural WASH, Urban WASH and Water Resources Management. It reports to a Cabinet Committee responsible for WASH and supports sub-national coordination structures including Provincial and District Water and Sanitation Sub-Committees, Catchment and Sub-Catchment Councils and Urban Sub-Sector Coordination Fora.

NAC taskforces (develop the document)
NAC has a mandate to form taskforces and working groups to spearhead sector emerging issues. Currently, the following Taskforces are in place:
• National Sanitation and Hygiene
• Sustainability
• Planning and budgeting
• Information and Knowledge management
• Wash Sector Coordination and Information Forum
• Emergency Strategic Advisory Group
• Urban WASH Technical Working Group

The National Action Committee has an executive secretariat, the National Coordination Unit (NCU) housed in the Ministry responsible for water.

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